Ruby Gaskell. A seriously good circus performer. Effortlessly combining Trapeze, contortion, dance and acting. A sensory experience like none other.
She spent years studying static trapeze at circus school, honing her skills to professionals levels, whilst using the medium of acting as a lens by which said skills are displayed.
Nothing can prepare you for a Ruby Gaskell performance. She will take no prisoners. You will be taken to the moon and back. You will never be the same. Your whole outlook on life will change. You will be in a dazed stupor for weeks. Such is her power and presence.

Stupendous, silly, magnanimous, perfunctory, razel-matazel, concubine, cheese and white wine, ectoplasm and sinovial fluid.

What is Ruby Gaskell? Ruby Gaskell is everything you think she’s not. 
Is she an armchair rest?….ABSOLUTELY!
Is she the square root of 16.5?…..MOST DEFIANTLY!
Is she the capital of Trinidad?….I think not.

Many have flocked to see Ms Gaskell perform over past few years. Old and young, rich and poor, male and female, animal and mineral. Its a sight to see and a sight to behold. Put your sunglasses on, cos you retina is gone get blasted.

Its time to dispense with your old toys cos there’s a new act in town!

“Great Fun!” – John

“Excellent” – Jon

“Almost great” – Jhon

“A shimmering jewel in the sunshine” – Jhoen

“Fit for a back-alley” – Juan 

“That’s enough for one day” – Juerge